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Skapa Woodturning

English Oak Footed Bowl

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Iconically tall-footed bowl in English oak with warm, oaty-brown grain pattern and strikingly golden medullary rays cutting across. The wood itself had split in parts (see photos) during the seasoning process.

This bowl is best used for either dry foods such as garlic and chili around the kitchen, or for serving nuts and treats in a comfortable setting.

Owing to the natural splits in the oak, the bowl is turned with a pronounced foot to give it a visual presence and a celebration of the inherent beauty of the material itself. A pedestal of its own making. 


16 x 8.5cm


Finished with organic UK-produced tung oil. Please refer to the ‘Care’ section located on the homepage if you have any concerns about tung oil and nut allergies. Purchase at your own discretion.