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Skapa Woodturning

Acton Walnut Fruit Bowl

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Bold, stylish and beautiful. This fruit bowl has a real presence and eye-catching aesthetic. Deep, dark chocolate-brown grains are contrasted with speckled cookie-cream figures on one side. Naturally occurring knots and splits (see photos) add yet more character and this is bound up in a strikingly assertive design. Simple, yet present. 

Hawk-eyed spectators might pick up on the slightly thinner wall on the lighter side. This is due to a real negotiation with the timber whilst on the lathe. This nuanced irregularity simply affords the bowl yet more individuality. A real show stopper.


28 x 7.5cm


Finished with organic tung oil. Please refer to the ‘Care’ section located on the homepage if you have any concerns about tung oil and nut allergies.